We offer our clients comprehensive help and care in terms of keeping the devices and adhesive lines in good condition. Our company performs basic repairs as well as general.

We conduct total regeneration and restoration of devices or specific elements.

Our standard services are as following:

  • general rating of the system
  • removal of old and occluded filters and nozzles
  • clearage and dilatation of the melting pot
  • clearage and dilatation of hose
  • clearage and dilatation of guns and nozzles
  • clearage of the whole system under pressure
  • external cleaning of the melting system
  • installation of new filters on the base of the nozzle’s needs and other used elements of the system
  • checks of the installation
  • checks of the effectiveness after conducted service
  • preparation the agenda of the done check for the clients


Technicians of ‘’Euroterm’’ are available for 24 hours offering their technical help with current supplies events. They bring new products to life, conduct trainings as well as starting-up the adhesive lines.

We have a magazine with basic spare parts for most of the systems in Europe.

We offer our clients constant support including devices service and adhesive lines.

Our constant, long term clients we offer attractive discounts for spare parts and we guarantee a replacement of the device for the time of the repair.

‘’Euroterm’’ encourages to direct contact with our advisors.


Our advisers