‘’Euroterm’’ is the supplier of the highest quality of hotmelt, adhesive applicators STICH and completed adhesive lines.

Long standing experience of ‘’Euroterm’’ allows our consultants to offer optimal technological solutions and allows them to select the adequate glue.

Euroterm has a wide range of EVA-based adhesives, SR, PSA and Metallocenes.

We satisfy the needs of each customer taking into account as a kind of combined material, the weld connection, working time and the requirements of combined mechanical and thermal properties material. Professional help of our experienced consultants guarantee success and ready solution for the most complicated applications.

Our products meet the highest quality expectations and stand up to the toughest conditions.

Our advisers
Roland Kułakowski
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Kinga Indraszek
48 730 555 817

Sales Representative
Central Poland



Tomasz Błaszczyk
+48 732 555 107

Tomasz Błaszczyk
Project Manager
Poland and East of Poland